Bermuda Ship Agencies Ltd.

​​Customs Clearance Papers For Bermuda

This page has copies of all the documents that you will need to have filled out for your visit to Bermuda.

Please have the proper forms filled out prior to HM customs boarding your vessel.


Bermuda ISPS Pre Arrival Notification Sheet
All Vessels Must Complete

This Information must be sent to Bermuda Maritime Operations 48 Hours in advance of arrival.
Bermuda ISPS Pre-Arrival Notification.pdf

Bermuda ISPS Pre-Arrival Form.xls
​Vessel Report
This form is for all visiting Commercial vessels and should have as much information filled out upon arrival Bermuda. If you are uncertain about any fields, your agent or a customs official will be able to help you.
Vessel Report.pdf
Crew Declarations
Must Be Signed by ALL Crew

This form is necessary for all visiting commercial vessels and needs to be completed prior to the boarding of HM Customs in Bermuda. Please print as many copies of page 2 as needed.
Crew Declarations.doc

Crew Declarations.pdf

Crew Declarations - Page 2.xls
Health Declaration
This Form should be filled out by the vessel's Medical officer prior to HM Customs arrival on board.

Please inform your Agent as soon as possible if you need to fill in any information on page 2 of this form.
Declaration of Health.doc

Declaration of Health.pdf
Report of Ship's Stores
This form needs to be filled out for all arriving commercial vessels.
Report of Ship's Stores.doc

Report of Ship's Stores.pdf
Bermuda ISPS Pre Arrival Notification Sheet
All Vessels Must Complete even "zero" Discharges

This Information must be sent to your agent at BSA 24 Hours prior to arrival
Government of Bermuda - Ship-Landed Waste Notification Ver. Nov 2013.pdf